NatureLinkPerth 2019 Symposium and Workshop


The NatureLink Perth Symposium held on 4th July 2019 at the Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre Murdoch University had 202 registered participants, and included 83 organisations. A Workshop followed on 5th July 2019 with 35 invited participants together with 10 of our student interns, which included 30 organisations.

An important facet of the NatureLink Perth Symposium was its interactive format. All participants could contribute comments or questions throughout the proceedings via the online platform Mentimeter. This enabled NatureLinkperh to gather perspectives and ideas from all stakeholders which it will use to inform future work. It was also used to assess participants responses to questions (Figure 1).

Culmination of the Discovery Phase 

NatureLink Perth was launched on the 1st  February 2019 at the WA Wetlands Management Conference, Perth WA. Hosted by Murdoch University and created by Dr Jane Chambers, it began a five-month Discovery Phase. During this time the team, including twelve university student interns, met with over 80 organisations including state government departments, local councils, NGO’s, scientists, developers, consultants, ’friends of‘ groups and the arts community, seeking their perspectives on opportunities and barriers to better integrate nature and biodiversity into our city. The NatureLink Perth Symposium and Workshop were the culmination of NatureLink Perth’s discovery phase. 

The perspectives and information obtained from over 80 face-to-face stakeholder meetings was synthesised to create the top five issues which were than discussed in an expert panel and in two workshops with participants. The five key topic questions (stated below) were prioritised by participants as shown in Figure 2.


  • How can State and Local Governments work together to better integrate biodiversity and greenspace into planning at all levels?
  • What are the conflicting elements of bushfire management and biodiversity conservation? How can we balance them to benefit both?
  • What are the challenges in getting approval for nature linked urban design and how can we improve design regulations to mainstream it?
  • What are the critical information gaps in biodiversity and how can we obtain the information needed and collect it innovatively?
  • What facilities, education and community engagement programs should we target to better connect people with nature and sustain biodiversity?

The NatureLink Perth Team would like to thank all Symposium and Workshop participants for their time, expertise, energy and enthusiasm evident at both events. Thanks to you NatureLink Perth will continue to support our goal to connect and coordinate a diverse array of stakeholders to champion nature linked urban design and nurture a biodiverse, liveable city. 

Thanks to our sponsors for the symposium and workshop: