Information synthesis has begun!

The NatureLink Perth team has started work on 12 Fact Sheets.

We are collating all information we gather under the six areas:
Nature, Development, People, Management, Policy and Planning and Kaartdijin Noongar.

In addition, we are creating twelve synthesis documents to enable greater accessibility of information on the key topics shown above. These will be available at the Symposium on the 4th July 2019.


Upcoming events are provided here. Do you have an event coming up? Let us know.

“Biodiversity and Human Health” is the topic of the WA Naturalists Club 2019 Seventy Lecture. This will be presented by Dr George Crisp. Learn how our biodiversity is vital for human health. 

DATE: Tuesday, 26th March at 7.30pm 

VENUE: Social Sciences Lecture Theatre, UWA. 

COST: $20 Students: $15 Enquiries: 9389 8289

For a copy of the flyer click here.

Hi Everyone,
Thanks for your interest in NatureLink Perth. Since the launch of our website last week our numbers are growing – please continue to spread the word. 
Actions you can take are highlighted by a

and resources with a

Our stakeholder meetings this week:

We attended the Urban Bushland Council‘s AGM which provided some clear case studies of the critical issues we face. Dr Hugh Finn, Chair of the WA Environmental Defenders Office presented “The Invisible Harm: Land Clearing and the Welfare of Our Native Fauna”. An excellent presentation of how clearing causes death and suffering to individual animals that is not usually considered in assessments. The discussion afterwards highlighted the even less visible harm caused to huge numbers of invertebrate animals, critical to our biodiversity and ecology. Great to meet some “Friends of” groups in the north of Perth. We are looking forward to meeting with you. 

We met with Renata Zelinova, the Business Development Officer at WALGA, who many of you may know as the source of the Environmental Planning Tool. We obtained a wealth of information about planning and its interaction with biodiversity conservation to add to our resources.

We had an inspirational discussion with Zoe Atkinson, Sohan Ariel Hayes and Mandy Bamford from Boorna Waanginy. The calibre of people we have met already on the NatureLink journey – all working to sustain biodiversity into the future – gives us great hope that we can, together, make a difference. 

I sign off listening to some motorbike frogs in the pond outside my study window…  Send us some stories of your habitat garden, how have you made a difference with creating a place for our biodiversity.

And, of course, always email us any information you have, people you think we should contact or events/activities that are happening – so we can share with everyone through NatureLink Perth and make all of us more effective agents of change.


Jane and the NatureLink Perth team