Symposium on 4th July 2019

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Save our species

One of the case studies at the NatureLinkPerth Symposium is how we can save urban species from localised extinction. Sometimes a species we think is common is actually vulnerable. This is the case for the south-western snake-necked turtle (Chelodina colliei). Although still commonly seen, the species is long-lived and recruitment of young turtles into urban populations is being critically reduced through nest and turtle predation.
We can do something about this if we act now. Anthony Santoro is discovering critical information to help this species through his PhD research at the Beeliar Wetlands. See recent news coverage about this concern.

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You are warmly invited to the NatureLink Perth Symposium on Thursday, 4thJuly, 9:00am-4:30pm in the Kim Beazley Lecture Theatre at Murdoch University. 

The NatureLink Perth Symposium provides an excellent opportunity for you to make a difference, to enable nature sensitive urban design and make Perth a biodiverse and liveable city into the future. To turnaround the threat of extinctions described above.

Please support NatureLink Perth through registering early. We can provide a better experience if we know numbers early.

For a full description and program of the Symposium click here.
Ticket prices of $60, with a concessional rate of $30 for students, unemployed or representatives of ‘friends of’ groups covers the cost of the event: your lunch, morning and afternoon tea. 


Upcoming events are provided here. Do you have an event coming up? Let us know.

Wetland Bird Workshop at Herdsman Lake

Hosted by Birdlife Australia
DATE: Saturday 22 June | 10:00am and 2:00pm 
VENUE: Herdsman Lake Wildlife Centre, Cnr Flynn & Selby St, Wembley, WA 6014
COST: Free but registration required

Join BirdLife WA for a walk around Herdsman and learn about birds that frequent wetland areas. Don’t know much about birds? Don’t worry! This workshop has been created for beginners.

Gumnuts for Zanda

Hosted by Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre
DATE: Saturday 13 July
VENUE: 322 Mills Road East, Martin , Perth WA  6110
COST: Free

Black Cockatoo habitat is being cleared at an alarming rate. One of the ways you can help is by planting native trees and shrubs on your property or volunteering to assist with planting at events like this one. Developed in conjunction with Kaarakin Black Cockatoo Conservation Centre, ‘Gumnuts for Zanda’ is a revegetation project to re-establish native habitat for Black Cockatoos on two hectares of disused orchard in Martin. 

Nature City Seminar

DATE: WedsFriday 26-28 June | 8:00am and 5:00pm
VENUE: City of South Perth Community Hall, South Terrace & Sandgate Street 
South Perth
COST: $90/day (2 days ($180) + field trip cost

Nature City, is a 2-day seminar and 1-day field trips to showcase the latest research and best practice case studies to improve our capacity to manage, enhance, design and connect with nature in urban areas in WA. 

2019 WA State NRM and Coastal Conference

DATE: TuesFriday 1-4 October
VENUE: Edith Cowan University, Joondalup
COST: early bird $550

The 2019 State Natural Resource Management (NRM) and Coastal Conference will focus on maximising networking opportunities with an interactive program including workshops, tours, engaging conference sessions and open space sessions. The theme for the conference is:

Our Coast | Our Land – Striving Together
Ngaalang booyembara|ngaalang boodjar – Dandjoo warniny



Saving urban trees…
Victoria Park council may block removal of trees on private property
The West Australian  4 June, 2019: Peter de Kruijff
Property owners could be blocked from cutting down any trees on their land under a local law being considered by a Perth council.

A new toolkit to promote green space…. 
How to love our open green space and help them grow
The Fifth Estate 30 May, 2019: 202020 Vision

Everybody likes green space – residents and local councils in particular, but also developers who know it adds commercial value. However, not many people in the community know how to make a case for better green space nor who to approach to make this happen. Now a new large scale research project from the 202020 Vision program has come up with a community engagement kit that can change this. 

Hi everyone,

We feel like we have met most of Perth by now and are really keen to see you again at the NatureLink Perth Symposium on the 4th July. We have been synthesising everything you have told us and will feed that back to you at the symposium for your consideration. You are NatureLink Perth, we’re just here to facilitate your decisions. We really enjoyed meeting with more stakeholders this week but a bit slower as the NatureLink Perth team prepare for exams – wish them luck!

On Wednesday 5th June, we met Tao Bourton from Yolk Property Group.  Yolk Property Group is a private, syndicated property development company with an innovative approach and focus on sustainable development. We had a robust discussion on the issues and ideas around creating novel, sustainable developments. With shrinking block sizes, incorporating the verge into people’s active open space and potentially reducing the size of some of the roads in residential areas is a novel way to create more interactive communities with greater ownership of their streetscape. The issue of maintenance of multiple use parks and natural areas (compared to turf only parks) was again raised as an issue in need of rethinking and resourcing.

On Thursday 6th June, we met Tom Atkinson from Emerge Associates, a group of environmental consultants and landscape architects with broad expertise across environmental planning and management, sustainability, ecology, hydrology, contaminated sites and fire risk management. We talked about the need to be flexible in the urban space to achieve multiple outcomes that could benefit people and biodiversity, the need for a clear vision that people can identify with and the need to recognise and address cumulative impacts on biodiversity. Our last few meetings have all recognised the difficulties of prescriptive rather than outcome based policy. With the diversity of situations and natural areas in Perth prescriptive policies don’t incentivise novel solutions but favour traditional approaches that may not meet our current needs.

Please email us any information you have about how we can action in this space, people you think we should contact or events/activities that are happening – so we can share with everyone through NatureLink Perth and make all of us more effective agents of change. 


Jane and the NatureLink Perth team