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Symposium on 4th July 2019

2040 film – official trailer

Film review: 2040 is a message of hope about the environment

Instead of detailing the dire consequences of climate change filmmaker Damon Gameau strives to show there are many ways for us to deal with the crisis, and to begin repairing the damage.

After the election there were many people in despair for the environment. It is an understandable reaction but looking after our planet needs to be a bipartisan goal and one we must all work towards. The negativity around climate change and even the ‘million species threatened with extinction’ reported in our newsletter last week drive people to despair and away from engaging with the issue. 

So tonight, I’m taking my kids to the film: 2040. I haven’t seen it but it promises the positivity of solutions we can all embrace. This is what we need: positive actions we can all take to make a difference. That is what NatureLink Perth is about – how can we join together and act to bring about a better Perth – creating green spaces for us and our fellow species. Tonight: 2040, 4th July: NatureLink Perth Symposium – come along and find out how we can make a difference. 


Upcoming events are provided here. Do you have an event coming up? Let us know.

Six Season Walk: Djeran @ Baigup Wetlands

Hosted by Perth NRM
DATE: Sunday 26 May | 9:00-11:00am
VENUE: Baigup Wetland, Parking available near the Bayswater Paddlesports Club at the end of Milne Street, Bayswater
COST: Free

It’s Djeran – the season of adulthood! Perth NRM and BWIG are hosting a Noongar Six Season Walk and Wetland Repair activity at Baigup Wetland. Elder Marie Taylor will teach us about Djeran and Noongar culture, sharing stories and showing us how nature is an important guide to changes during the year, and how the Noongar Six Seasons promote understanding of the life cycles of plants and animals.

Sustainable Urban Forest Workshop

Hosted by City of Armadale
DATE: Friday 14 June | 6:00- 8:00pm
Armadale District Hall 90 Jull Street, Armadale
COST: Free
Places are limited and bookings are essential. RSVP on 9394 5000 by Monday 6 May 2019. I know this time has passed but might worth a phone call and see if there are some spaces. 

Join the City’s Urban Forest team, ABC Gardening Australia’s Josh Byrne, and award winning radio presenter Sabrina Hahn, for this talk on Sustainable Urban Forests. This workshop will build on your knowledge of what an Urban Forest is and what it means for the Armadale community.

May Native Plant Sale

Hosted by Friends of Kings Park 
DATE: Sunday 26 May | 9:00am-2:00pm (unless sold out earlier!)
VENUE: Exhibition Ground, Kings Park
COST: Free 🙂 (not after you buy all those lovely plants)

The next Friends of Kings Park plant sale is on Sunday 26 May 2019. A the forever project
the for sale will be available for download approximately 2 weeks before the sale.

We would like to remind you that our plants are lovingly propagated by a small group of volunteers.  Many species are not available from commercial native plant nurseries, and our sales fill an important niche in providing you with unique plants.  The number of plants available for some species may be quite limited.

A description of the status of rare and priority flora and a map of the State’s bio-geographical regions can be found on the Department of Parks and Wildlife website  

Native bees and our bushland

Hosted by the Urban Bushland Council
DATE: Wednesday 29 May | 6:00pm-8:30pm
VENUE: City West Lotteries House, 2 Delhi Street, West Perth
COST: Free

 Join Dr Terry Houston for an entertaining talk about native bees in our bushland. Dr Houston is Research Associate, Dept. of Terrestrial Zoology (Entomology) Western Australian Museum

In the News:

Accentuate the positive…
A vision of 2040: everything we need for a sustainable world already exists. 
The Guardian  21 May, 2019: Damon Gameau

There are real obstacles to environmental progress but we must focus on what we are for, not just what we are against. 

Melbourne is on to this……
Urban forests: Melbourne’s plan to green the city
Government News  16 May, 2019: Georgia Clark

Australia’s second largest city has unveiled a $19.1 million plan to unleash a sea of green across the city by boosting urban forests and decorating buildings with ‘vertical greening.’ 

Hi Everyone,

NatureLink Perth is really hotting up – some great meetings this past week or so…

On Friday 10 May, our management team met with the Director of the Office of Bushfire Risk Management, Tim McNaught and a few of his colleagues to discuss bushfire management and risk mitigation in WA. The meeting provided a great insight into the influence that policy and planning can have on bushfire prevention. After the horrific fires in the Perth Hills and Margaret River region in 2011, there has been greater focus of both State and local governments to implement bushfire mitigation strategies across WA to reduce the risk to people, their communities and their assets (environmental, economic and cultural). Emphasis has been placed on the planning and design of new developments in bushfire prone areas to reduce the potential risk of fire impacting properties. This includes houses meeting Australian Standards, improved access/egress to new developments and access to water for bushfire suppression activities. This is one, but not the only, activity that are acknowledging and managing the bushfire risk to Western Australians now and into the future.

On Tuesday 14th May, we met with Chris Green, Director of Policy and research at the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA), Western Australian Division. We discussed the many issues of integrating natural areas into developments for developers and those around medium density housing, especially for urban infill. We also discussed UDIA’s EnviroDevelopment accreditation, which is a nationally recognised certification and branding system providing independent verification of a development project’s sustainability performance.  Certification recognises projects that achieve exceptional sustainability outcomes whilst also providing an edge for developers looking to differentiate their project.

On Thursday 16thMay, our management and nature teams met with Briony Moran, Coordinator Environment & Sustainability, and Environmental Officer Jolene Wallington, from the Shire of Mundaring. We discussed biodiversity conservation on the urban fringe and the strategies the Shire have put in place to engage and educate the community about the environment that surrounds them. One incredible strategy is the Mundaring Environmental Art Project, a primary school drawing competition that is all about converting information about the environment into artwork. A great way to educate the younger generation about the value and benefits that nature provides and why we should protect it.The annual program is run in partnership with the Mundaring Arts Centre. Check out some of the artwork from last year’s competition here.
On Tuesday 21st May, we met with Geoff Barrett, Julia Cullity and Nicole Willers from the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, Swan Region. We discussed their support of community groups, local councils and state government to provide advice on best practice bushland management and the value of the Perth Biodiversity project. They provided great insight into the threats to threatened species and ecological communities and the excellent coordinating efforts to address this issue, such as the threatened flora and community recovery teams. We also discussed the issues around “keeping the common common” with the focus of legislation being on species and communities already under threat. Some great initiatives came to light such as conservation zoning in the local planning scheme in Serpentine–Jarrahdale but then the practical issues of making this work for landholders. Lots to think about.

Also on Tuesday 21st May we headed out to the City of Bayswater and dropped into the 2-day Green Lab collaborative primary school program at the Lightning Swamp Bushland run by Millenium Kids. This program explores the history and future of the wetlands through interactive sessions incorporating science, indigenous knowledge, art, creativity and innovation. The kids involved planned exciting projects based around their own values around the environment that are conducted throughout the year, to engage the wider community in what they think is important. It was inspiring to see and hear so many young aspiring leaders in the space of environmental stewardship voice their concerns and priorities for caring for our trees and natural environments. 
On Wednesday 22nd May, we met with Josh Byrne and Morgan Gillham from Josh Byrne & Associates. They highlighted a key element of any new approach: that of integrating it through mainstream operations from planning to engineers and contractors on the ground. For example, while water sensitive urban design is now quite widely accepted as an approach at planning stages, actual operational integration can be more problematic. We discussed this as one of the key limitations to enabling nature sensitive design developments, that of the additional effort required to get novel approaches approved through standard protocols at state and local government level. Josh Byrne & Associates are documenting this process for one of their new projects with a view to providing guidance and making it easier for developers to engage with nature sensitive urban design. Great news!

Lots to think about! Please email us any information you have about how we can action in this space, people you think we should contact or events/activities that are happening – so we can share with everyone through NatureLink Perth and make all of us more effective agents of change. 


Jane and the NatureLink Perth team