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Thanks for joining NatureLink Perth! We will be providing weekly updates of what’s happening as well additional posts on specific topics.

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  1. Had a great launch at the WA Wetlands Management Conference. Thanks to Denise Crosbie and Phil Jennings and all the organising team for allowing us to speak and for a great conference.  Really blown away by the response to NatureLink Perth and we haven’t even got our student team up and running yet. We have attached a flyer summarising NatureLink Perth please spread the word among your network. Our website is coming soon!

2. On Saturday 2 February afternoon, Friends of Underwood Avenue Bushland (FUAB) ran a visioning workshop to work out “What does it take to make a green corridor (from the Swan River and Kings Park to the coast through Bold Park) a vibrant healthy, living entity for the benefit of future generations of flora, fauna and people?” Some great ideas and energy. If you are interested in making it happen, being involved, supporting or want to know more about this initiative contact: Sue Le Souef of Friends of the Underwood Avenue Bushland at suelesouef@gmail.com

3. Boorna Waanginy opens tonight at Kings Park for the Perth Festival. A wonderful celebration of our biodiversity from 8-11 February. We encourage to enjoy this spectacle and learn more. Click here for information.

There are some wonderful resources brought to you by Boorna Waanginy including Ground Beneath Our Feet community resources and Seeds of Change schools’ projects.  

What you can do to help:

Please share on social media any examples of things that individuals, schools, groups are doing for biodiversity.  Use the hashtags: #perthfest #groundbeneathourfeet and #BoornaWaanginy #NatureLinkPerth plus the organisation involved, if you’d like cross-promote.  It is a great opportunity for groups to raise the profile of what they are doing, using the publicity generated by the Festival. Spread the word and encourage as many other people as you can to promote what they are doing!

Hope to see you at Boorna Waanginy!


Jane and the NatureLink Perth team