On Wednesday 20 February, we attended the Australian Conservation Foundation and Conservation Council of WA’s event “All Creatures Great and Small” Public Forum to hear about the landmark Yeelirrie court case, CCWA & Traditional Owners v WA Environmental Minister, Environmental Law and Extinction. It was an informative evening providing valuable information and contacts which we will be collating in the policy and planning layer of our information package.

Declan Doherty, Principal Solicitor WA Environmental Defenders Office made two observations that really resonated with me and the reason NatureLink Perth exists. Perhaps they will with you.  

a. Words from William Odum (1982):

“Much of the current confusion and distress surrounding environmental issues can be traced to decisions that were never consciously made, but simply resulted from a series of small decisions. No one purposely planned to destroy almost 50% of the existing marshland along the coasts of Connecticut and Massachusetts,,,, In fact, preservation would have been supported. However, through hundreds of little decisions… a major decision in favour of extensive wetlands conversion was made without ever addressing the issue directly…”

b. Declan Doherty commented if we can destroy by a myriad of small decisions perhaps we can also heal by many small decisions – a good thought – we all have a part to play.  If we all decide we are working towards the preservation and integration of nature into our city in our everyday conversations and meetings with people, we can turn around the way people think about nature in our city.