A Hub for Exploring and Recording Nature in Your Backyard

 Welcome to NatureLink Perth’s Backyard Biodiversity Blitz!

This COVID-19 isolation is a tough gig, but now restrictions are easing you can get out into a nature – on the Swan River, Kings Park, beautiful walk trails in the hills or just visiting you local wetland or bushland.

We will still be providing a wealth of things to engage and inspire you in your backyard but add a few more resources for when you’re out and about. Nature is not closed and Backyard Biodiversity Blitz is designed to help kids, adults and families connect with nature, whether in their backyard or local bushland. We have something for everyone whether you’re 7 or 70. Getting out in the fresh air in nature, safely in backyards, is the best way to keep your immune system strong and boost your mental health, within the current health restrictions. At the same time you can collect some critical information through “citizen science” to sustain the native plants and animals that share our city. 

Backyard Biodiversity Blitz is supported by a team of nature-based experts and organisations collaborating to bring you quality on-line material while you’re in self-isolation at home. So turn off the news, scroll down, immerse yourself in nature and have some ‘me’ time. What will you choose today?

Do you have an activity to share? Get in touch: email us at 


 Get exploring with Nature Passports by Nature Play WA

Nature Passport activity booklets highlight nature playgrounds, green open spaces, wetlands and other nature-rich locations in an area and links them to fun nature play activities for families. They contain an activity map, “15 things to do” within a particular location, stickers and a nature safari section. 

Families can complete the activities using just the booklets, or in conjunction with our free Nature Passport App that has over 100 activities to spark curiosity, creativity and critical thinking.



Welcome wildlife to your garden by building them a home. Backyard Buddies share some great DIY projects to create a place to live for bees, butterflies, bats, frogs, lizards, birds… Share some quality time with the kids creating these habitats and enjoy for years to come.


Educated by Nature offers nature-based programs for families and children that facilitate connection to self, nature and community. Our Principles of Learning within Nature are embedded in all our programs, which cater for children from 18 months through to 12 years of age.

As you’ll see below, programs are split into three main groups, with Mud Pies programs for younger children and their parents, and KIN Village and Bush Inventors’ Club being suitable for older children.


How to do it!

Check out this amazing video with Simon Cherriman as he shows you how to support and enjoy biodiversity in your own backyard. Hosted by the Shire of Mundaring, it showcases the local natural environment in the Perth hills but these ideas could easily be adapted for anywhere in Perth. 


In our last NatureLink Perth newsletter Jane descibed the joys of a fungi hunt in our local bushland. If you’d like an app to identify your fungi, this is a good one although it costs $5. We have other resources to identify your fungi in our ‘Know your Biodiversity’ link on your right – just look under ‘Plants’. Yes, I know fungi are not plants!


There is an app for that! The Dolphin Watch App is available for users to share dolphin sightings, photos and videos with scientists studying dolphins in the Swan-Canning Riverpark. The data helps scientists from Murdoch and Curtin Universities, and the River Guardians team from Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions.


All this lovely rain! Are you hearing any frog calls in your backyard? Croaks, whistles, bleats and barks – every frog species makes a different sound! By recording a frog call with the FrogID app, you can discover which frogs live around you and help the Australian Museum count Australia’s frogs! This citizen science project directly increases our knowledge of frogs and helps us to better conserve them. Have fun and do good at the same time!


Found a cool plant, animal, bug and want to know more? Click here to find help to identify or find out more information about what you found. Or if you just want to learn more about our amazing biodiversity in Perth, there is a wealth of resources here.


So many fun things to do here! Birdlife Australia provide everythign you need to identify a bird in your backyard, do a survey or create a home for for them. Check it out!



Nature Play WA be regularly updating new and interesting resources for families as they find them.  From cool nature livestreams, to lessons from zoos, museums and art galleries, right through to getting active with fitness videos, we’ll share our finds with you.


Revisit this webpage soon. We will be bringing you new fun ways to engage with nature in your backyard and save our biodiversity.