This page describes the management issues faced in Perth and the associated management resources. Click on each of the following links to find out more.



Private Land Owner

Private Land owners have certain regulations they have to adhere to. These include clearing limits for vegetation on private property. For information about permit requirements for clearing native vegetation click here.

There are also opportunities across Perth for landowners to increase biodiversity protection on their land. These include, but are not limited to, habitat gardens, roadside conservation, the Nature Conservation Convent Program and Land for Wildlife.

Community Groups

Local community groups, such as “Friends Of” groups provide an outlet for local communities to pro-actively seek to improve and protect their local environment. Community groups can also play a significant role in assisting local governments and campaigning for biodiversity protection across Perth.

Find local ‘Friends of’ and how you can get involved here. Additional community conservation groups can be found here.


Local Councils

Local councils play a significant role in the management and protection of biodiversity across Perth. They are responsible for the management of at least 7800 hectares of native vegetation in Perth1. This level of government also is closest to the community and therefore strategies and plans are influenced by the local community. To find your local council and their strategy on Biodiversity Protection in your area click here.

1. Del Marco, A., Taylor., R., Clarke, K., Savage, K., Cullity, J., & Miles, C. Local Government Biodiversity Planning Guidelines for the Perth Metropolitan Region [document on the internet]. Western Australian Local Government Association; 2004. Available from:

Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions

The Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA) owns and manages all freehold land for conservation and recreational purposes. This land can be managed with or without collaboration from other parties such as local governments, and community groups. The DBCA is responsible for the preparation and implementation of management plans for marine and terrestrial parks across Western Australia. Management plans prepared by the DBCA can be found here.