NatureLink Perth

Linking people, perspectives and knowledge

to connect nature to the city







What is NatureLink Perth?

NatureLink Perth is a hub to connect and coordinate a diverse array of stakeholders to champion nature sensitive urban design and nurture a biodiverse and livable city.

Why do we need NatureLink Perth?

There is currently no holistic strategy or plan informed by ecological understanding to conserve our natural estate or integrate nature into our city. Currently our world class biodiversity is being lost through individual planning decisions -“death by a thousand cuts”. This is not sustainable and will result in our remaining bushland and wetlands becoming less viable and threatened species becoming extinct.

Contact with nature has been scientifically proven to improve people’s physical and mental health –we need to find a way to sustain nature in our city for the benefit of people, the environment and the economy.

NatureLink Perth is hosted by Murdoch University.